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Chances for Self


well basically, ni kira macam pendapat. nothing to argue with. people do really afraid to change. because, you know whether you gonna be accepted to the world or not. the most crucial things that been grown in one person heart is that, do they accept you as you are now or as who your are before?? did it really do change people perspective towards us?? do they really using you as a purpose of life?? yet we never know.

for me, i believe that when you're changing; you make the first step to move towards better, believe me, dont give up. there's gonna be many obstacles that you gonna facing. Allah never gonna change people, unless that person want to change first. Allah also gonna look at your effort, it's doesnt matter whether people see it or not. your life in this world, isnt about to satisfied people, but satisfied yourself and Allah. just stop hoping that people gonna stay with you forever.

for those who loyal, may Allah bless you. who doesnt, thanks for…

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